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MISR - Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Surface Studies

Tao, X., S. Liang, and D. Wang (2015). "Assessment of five global satellite products of fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation: Intercomparison and direct validation against ground-based data." Remote Sensing of Environment 163: 270-285.   [Abstract: Link]  

Yu, Y., X. Yang, and W. Feng (2015). "Estimates of forest structure parameters from GLAS data and multi-angle imaging spectrometer data." International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 38: 65-71.   [Abstract: Link]  

Pisek, J., A. Govind, S.K. Arndt, D. Hocking, T.J. Wardlaw, H. Fang, G. Matteucci, and B. Longdoz (2015). "Intercomparison of clumping index estimates from POLDER, MODIS, and MISR satellite data over reference sites." ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 101 (March 2015): 47-56.   [Abstract: Link]  

Walker, C.C., J.N. Bassis, H.A. Fricker, and R.J. Czerwinski (2015). "Observations of interannual and spatial variability in rift propagation in the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica, 2002–14." Journal of Glaciology 61 (226): 243-252.   [Abstract: Link]  

Breunig, F.M., L.S. Galvão, J.R. dos Santos, et al. (2015). "Spectral anisotropy of subtropical deciduous forest using MISR and MODIS data acquired under large seasonal variation in solar zenith angle." International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 35 (B): 294-304.   [Abstract: Link]  

Bi, J., Y. Knyazikhin, S. Choi, et al. (2015). "Sunlight mediated seasonality in canopy structure and photosynthetic activity of Amazonian rainforests." Environmental Research Letters 10 (6).   [Abstract: Link]