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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Aerosol Studies

Chowdhury, S., S. Dey, and K.R. Smith (2018). "Ambient PM2.5 exposure and expected premature mortality to 2100 in India under climate change scenarios." Nature Communications 9: 318.   [Abstract: Link]  

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N’Datchoh, E.T., I. Diallo, A. Konaré, S. Silué, K.O. Ogunjobi, A. Diedhiou, and M. Doumbia (2018). "Dust induced changes on the West African summer monsoon features." International Journal of Climatology 38 (1): 452-466.   [Abstract: Link]  

Meng, X., M.J. Garay, D.J. Diner, O.V. Kalashnikova, J. Xu, and Y. Liu (2018). "Estimating PM2.5 speciation concentrations using prototype 4.4 km-resolution MISR aerosol properties over Southern California." Atmospheric Environment 181 (5): 70-81.   [Abstract: Link]  

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Liu, Y., G. Cao, N. Zhao, K. Mulligan, and X. Ye (2018). "Improve ground-level PM2.5 concentration mapping using a random forests-based geostatistical approach." Environmental Pollution 235 (4): 272-282.   [Abstract: Link]  

Flower, V.J.B., and R.A. Kahn (2018). "Karymsky volcano eruptive plume properties based on MISR multi-angle imagery and the volcanological implications." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (6): 3903-3918.   [Abstract: Link]  

Shi, Y., T. Matsunaga, Y. Yamaguchi, A. Zhao, Z. Li, and X. Gu (2018). "Long-term trends and spatial patterns of PM2.5-induced premature mortality in South and Southeast Asia from 1999 to 2014." Science of the Total Environment 631-632 (8): 1504-1514.   [Abstract: Link]  

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Srivastava, P., S. Dey, A.K. Srivastava, S. Singh, and S. Tiwari (2018). "Most probable mixing state of aerosols in Delhi NCR, northern India." Atmospheric Research 200 (2): 88-96.   [Abstract: Link]  

Witek, M.L., M.J. Garay, D.J. Diner, M.A. Bull, and F.C. Seidel (2018). "New approach to the retrieval of AOD and its uncertainty from MISR observations over dark water." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11 (1): 429-439.   [Abstract: Link]  

Bowe, B., Y. Xie, T. Li, Y. Yan, H. Xian, and Z. Al-Aly (2018). "Particulate Matter Air Pollution and the Risk of Incident CKD and Progression to ESRD." Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 29 (1): 218-230.   [Abstract: Link]  

Pani, S.K., N.-H. Lin, S. Chantara, S.-H. Wang, C. Khamkaew, T. Prapamontol, and S. Janjai (2018). "Radiative response of biomass-burning aerosols over an urban atmosphere in northern peninsular Southeast Asia." Science of the Total Environment 633 (8): 892-911.   [Abstract: Link]  

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