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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Aerosol Studies

Szkop, A., and A. Pietruczuk (2017). "Analysis of aerosol transport over southern Poland in August 2015 based on a synergy of remote sensing and backward trajectory techniques." Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 11 (1): 016039.   [Abstract: Link]  

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Cohen, J.B., E. Lecoeur, and D.H.L. Ng (2017). "Decadal-scale relationship between measurements of aerosols, land-use change, and fire over Southeast Asia." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (1): 721-743.   [Abstract: Link]  

Garay, M.J., O.V. Kalashnikova, and M.A. Bull (2017). "Development and assessment of a higher-spatial-resolution (4.4 km) MISR aerosol optical depth product using AERONET-DRAGON data." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (8): 5095-5106.   [Abstract: Link]  

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Yang, X., Y. Zheng, G. Geng, H. Liu, H. Man, Z. Lv, K. He, and K. de Hoogh (2017). "Development of PM2.5 and NO2 models in a LUR framework incorporating satellite remote sensing and air quality model data in Pearl River Delta region, China." Environmental Pollution 226 (7): 143-153.   [Abstract: Link]  

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Limbacher, J.A., and R.A. Kahn (2017). "Updated MISR dark water research aerosol retrieval algorithm – Part 1: Coupled 1.1 km ocean surface chlorophyll a retrievals with empirical calibration corrections." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 10 (4): 1539-1555.   [Abstract: Link]