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MISR - Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Aerosol Studies

He, C., B. Gao, Q. Huang, Q. Ma, and Y. Dou (2017). "Environmental degradation in the urban areas of China: Evidence from multi-source remote sensing data." Remote Sensing of Environment 193 (5): 65-75.   [Abstract: Link]  

Lau, L., and J. He (2017). "Investigation into the effect of atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) concentrations on GPS signals." Sensors 17 (3): 508-525.   [Abstract: Link]  

Kim, D., M. Chin, L.A. Remer, T. Diehl, H. Bian, H. Yu, M.E. Brown, and W.R. Stockwell (2017). "Role of surface wind and vegetation cover in multi-decadal variations of dust emission in the Sahara and Sahel." Atmospheric Environment 148 (1): 282-296.   [Abstract: Link]  

Nabavi, S.O., L. Haimberger, and C. Samimi (2017). "Sensitivity of WRF-chem predictions to dust source function specification in West Asia." Aeolian Research 24 (2): 115-131.   [Abstract: Link]  

Luo, J., P. Du, A. Samat, J. Xia, M. Che, and Z. Xue (2017). "Spatiotemporal Pattern of PM2.5 Concentrations in Mainland China and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors using Geographically Weighted Regression." Scientific Reports 7: 40607.   [Abstract: Link]  

Guo, Y., H. Zeng, R. Zheng, S. Li, G. Pereira, Q. Liu, W. Chen, and R. Huxley (2017). "The burden of lung cancer mortality attributable to fine particles in China." Science of the Total Environment 579 (2): 1460-1466.   [Abstract: Link]  

Rémy, S., A. Veira, R. Paugam, M. Sofiev, J.W. Kaiser, F. Marenco, S.P. Burton, A. Benedetti, R.J. Engelen, R. Ferrare, and J.W. Hair (2017). "Two global data sets of daily fire emission injection heights since 2003." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (4): 2921-2942.   [Abstract: Link]