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MISR - Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Aerosol Studies

Kim, D., M. Chin, L.A. Remer, T. Diehl, H. Bian, H. Yu, M.E. Brown, and W.R. Stockwell (2017). "Role of surface wind and vegetation cover in multi-decadal variations of dust emission in the Sahara and Sahel." Atmospheric Environment 148 (1): 282-296.   [Abstract: Link]  

Nabavi, S.O., L. Haimberger, and C. Samimi (2017). "Sensitivity of WRF-chem predictions to dust source function specification in West Asia." Aeolian Research 24 (2): 115-131.   [Abstract: Link]  

Luo, J., P. Du, A. Samat, J. Xia, M. Che, and Z. Xue (2017). "Spatiotemporal Pattern of PM2.5 Concentrations in Mainland China and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors using Geographically Weighted Regression." Scientific Reports 7: 40607.   [Abstract: Link]  

Guo, Y., H. Zeng, R. Zheng, S. Li, G. Pereira, Q. Liu, W. Chen, and R. Huxley (2017). "The burden of lung cancer mortality attributable to fine particles in China." Science of the Total Environment 579 (2): 1460-1466.   [Abstract: Link]