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MISR - Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
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MISR Plume Height Project
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MISR Plume Height Project
Indonesia - Borneo Sumatra, 2001 Location Map
    red = smoke plume
    blue = smoke cloud
Borneo Sumatra, 2001

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Created using the MINX software and ColdFusion
David Nelson, Cecelia Lawshe,
David Diner, Ralph Kahn

Date Plumes Processed:  01/24/2011
Number of orbits with plumes:  6
Number of plumes processed:  30
Number of plumes w/ wind-corr hts:  30
Number of plumes w/ power estimate:  16
Number of plumes w/ hts and power:  16
Total area of plumes:  13022 sq km
Total radiative power of plumes:  5854 MW
Median value of median plume top hts:  645 meters ASL
Median value of maximum plume top hts:  999 meters ASL
Median # of data points/plume:  211
Median # of best-wind hts/plume:  191

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Orbits/Block Ranges Date
# Plumes
006448 - B90-90 03/05/2001 1
008283 - B88-89 07/09/2001 8
008894 - B92-93 08/20/2001 12
008996 - B92-93 08/27/2001 4
009025 - B92-93 08/29/2001 4
009258 - B92-92 09/14/2001 1