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MISR - Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
  MISR Plume Height Project  
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MISR Plume Height Project
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Plume Page

MISR Plume Height Project
Indonesia - Borneo Sumatra, 2004 Location Map
Borneo Sumatra, 2004
Home Page - Project Area
Region Name Region Type Height ASL (km) Direction
(deg CW from N)
Total Power (MW)
024942 - B90 - P1 Smoke Plume 0.509999990463 340 96
024942 - B90 - P2 Smoke Plume 0.689999997616 344 84
024942 - B91 - P1 Smoke Plume 0.550000011921 316 32
024942 - B91 - P2 Smoke Plume 0.550000011921 317 99999